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Who Are We

We are a professional sports coaching company that focus on providing top quality and experienced sports coaches across the United Arab Emirates. Originally set up by two ambitious sportswomen from the United Kingdom, Coach Sport has grown to be the first and largest female operated professional sports coaching company in the Middle East.

Affiliated to the prestigious Cardiff Metropolitan University/UWIC School of Sport, this Coach Mentoring and Coach Development setup brings you the very best graduate coaches from the United Kingdom.

Aiming for the advancement, equality and the empowering of talented young professional coaches and young athletes across a variety of sports specialising in the early fundamental year stages.

What do we offer

Classes are offered at our venues across Dubai and Abu Dhabi or our coaches can travel to the convenience of your home or compound. We run private, semi private and small group classes.

Term Dates: 2022-23

Term 1 

3rd Sept-9th Dec 2022

Winter Break

10th Dec-6th Jan 2023

Term 2

7th Jan-24th March 2023

Spring Break

25th March-7th April 2023

Term 3

8th April-7th July 2023

Summer Break

8th July-27th Aug 2022


Contact Us

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